Weyergans - Please stay healthy!

Please stay healthy!

Current information concerning the corona crisis

Crisis also means opportunity. The virus has not yet reached Weyergans High Care® Cosmetics. As a precaution, however, half of the team works from home. So the employees are protected and we can maintain the operation for you permanently. We can still be reached by phone at the usual times - because we want to be there for you and show you that we live the often repeated philosophy of the 'Weyergans family' 100%.

We are also interested in: How do you deal with the crisis? Because we know that for several facilities it will be a question of bare existence. Now everyone has to fight. Share your concerns, we would like to be at your side with advice and action.

And please always remember: even in the toughest winter, trees never stop growing; they grow underground and form new roots for spring when the sun shines again. As people and society, we will master the current situation together if we adhere to the rules of the experts. Maybe slowing down is good for all of us and sharpens our eyes for what is really important in life. Against this background, we primarily wish you health for yourself, your family and friends - for all of us!

Yours, Rudolf Weyergans